Protein caviar argan Nouvalina


Nano caviar protein Nouvalina

Nano caviar protein is a completely natural and organic product and is suitable for pregnant women and lactating mothers. It is suitable for dechlorinated and damaged hair, dry, dehydrated, coarse and rough.

This protein is one of the best proteins on the market, which contains caviar oil, and this causes it to multiply the percentage of shine and softness of the hair, for example, it regenerates about 85 to 95%, it can be used for all types of hair without formaldehyde

Protein therapy means delivering protein to the hair

Is your hair loose, dry and brittle? Protein therapy is a temporary and effective solution to such problems. Excessive exposure to the sun, wind, pollutants and chemicals damages hair creatine (a natural protein in hair).

Protein therapy nourishes and strengthens hair and has different types that you will see in the next section. Types of protein therapy Protein packages This method is suitable for treating mild hair damage and it is better to use it once or twice a month.It is known for its strong moisturizing properties and it is recommended to use it once every two weeks. Regeneration This method is used for severely damaged hair and is recommended to be used once every two weeks. Protein therapy turns your damaged hair into healthy hair.

Features of nano caviar hair protein

The recovery is 85% to 95%.
Filter is 60% and above.
Suitable for ladies and gentlemen.
There is no formaldehyde.


Made in Italy

Protein caviar argan Nouvalina

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