Nouvalina nano protein



Nouvalina nano protein

with up to 40% purity and up to 100% regeneration Completely herbal and organic Made in Italy. With little smell and gas and without quarantine Exclusively for salon workers who are looking for quality and original work Suitable for protein therapy Suitable for all types of hair, especially damaged and elastic hair


1. It is better to wash your hair with alkaline shampoo. By doing this, the hair scales are completely opened.

2. Then dry your hair using a hair dryer.

3. Divide the hair into equal parts. The division can be of 4 or more parts.

4. Pour Nouvalina hair protein into the dye bowl as needed.

5. Using a paint brush, apply hair protein from 3 cm from the hair roots.

6. Leave the ingredients on the hair for an hour.

7. Then dry your hair completely using a cold blow dryer. Make sure there is no excess moisture in the hair.

8. Divide the hair with a hair clip.

9. Then iron it with a ceramic hair iron at a temperature of 200 to 210 degrees. Start ironing from the back of the hair. Try to get help from a friend for this task. When you iron. The steam rises to some extent from the hair. In any case, be sure to iron carefully. At the same time you are ironing. Also have a small barber’s comb. To comb the hair at the same time as ironing.

10. Do not clip the hair at all. Do not fold upwards. Leave it alone. And don’t forget to use sulfate-free shampoos in the bathroom. The shelf life of this hair protein is very high and has been reported for several months.

Nouvalina nano protein


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