Nouvalina sulfate-free shampoo



Nouvalina sulfate-free shampoo


Novalina sulfate-free emollient shampoo contains argan almonds and olive oil. The properties of these oils are nourishing the hair shaft and its cuticles, which is very effective in softening and hydrating the hair. It is also suitable for removing coarse, wavy and immobile dry hair and increasing hair shine. These items definitely affect the beauty of the hair and destroy its attractiveness; Therefore, using this mask can help eliminate these unpleasant hair conditions.


Features of Novalina Sulfate Cleansing Mask Shampoo
– Deep hair cleansing mask
– Suitable for creatine and straightened hair
– Suitable for dry, curly, damaged and colored hair
– No sulfate, paraben
– Enriched with olive and almond argan oil


What is sulfate?
Sulfate is actually the reaction of a chemical and the formation of salt. The most common types of sulfate used in hair care are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, which are made from Vaseline and vegetable oils. that’s it! Sulfate removes “all” from the scalp and hair surface. But the important thing is that to maintain your health and freshness, you need a small amount of moisture and naturalness and the loss of all lengths, it may dry out and damage your scalp and hair too much.

Nouvalina sulfate-free shampoo

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